Mindful measurements

Bring your new sofa

If you live in an apartment, especially one built more than 40 years ago, and are planning to buy a large sofa, you want to be mindful of several things.

A tight spot

First, take your measurements! Know the height and width of your smallest entryway is only part of the issue. In the case where a wall opposite a front door is only three feet away, with just enough space for door to swing open, the question becomes, can the couch make the turn? This is also true for exterior hallways. Here a couch around 96” can be tricky especially if you can’t make the turn in the hallway. In such a case, you’re forced to put the couch on end and likely feed it bottom first through your doorway—you should in this scenario have moving/padded blankets under the workspace. And note this method is hard to effect with the sofa’s sides rounded.

To fit or not to fit

There’s more to point out, but the reality should be clear: some types of furniture are simply not designed for apartments OR some old apartments just have some strange prophylactic quirks!

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